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О фонде    

Миссия Фонда – содействовать сокращению числа детей-сирот и детей, оставшихся без попечения родителей.

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About the Association

The goal of the Association is to further the reduction of the growth of the number of children left without parental care as a result of abandonment made by mothers in maternity homes. Mission of the Association is to help specialists, working in the sphere of Child Protection, to conduct activities on the prevention of abandonments of newborns in the most effective way.

In 2011 the Association of Organizations, Working in the Sphere of Newborns Abandonments Prevention was founded. The Association was founded with the support of The National Foundation for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NFPCC) and Charitable Foundation of Social Orphanhood Prevention.

The Association is open to include in membership organizations and institutions in the regions of the Russian Federation implementing or planning to implement activities on newborns abandonments prevention.

The main goal of the Association’s activities is to further the reduction of abandonments of newborns in maternity homes in the Russian Federation by means of promotion, multiplication and implementation of effective models of newborns abandonments prevention in activities of Russian organizations and institutions, rendering services to children and families.

Council of the Association includes leading Russian experts in the sphere of Childhood Social Protection.

The main objectives of the Association are

  • improving the quality of activities of specialists and organizations, rendering services of newborns abandonment prevention
  • organization of a system of methodological generalization and formation of effective models and techniques of organizing work on newborns abandonment prevention, including such measures as working out standards of the service, educative programs and methodological teaching packages, publication of methodological literature.
  • lobbying the implementation of a model of newborns abandonment prevention in activities of the state system of Child Protection in bodies of legislative and executive federal authorities; promotion of the implementation of a model of newborns abandonment prevention on territories of the regions of the RF.

 Membership in the Association opens to specialists and organizations of the regions of Russia the following opportunities.

  • Receiving necessary informational, consulting, methodological and supervisory support, including remote support.
  • The right to access all methodological, normative legal and reference materials on the Association’s website.
  • Receiving on-line consultations from leading Russian experts in the sphere of newborns abandonment prevention.
  • Permanent professional communication by means of Internet resources of the Association with colleagues working in the sphere of newborns abandonments prevention from other organizations, regions.
  • Participation of specialists in conferences and seminars.
  • Supplying with methodological literature, developed by leading Russian experts in the sphere of newborns abandonment prevention.
  • Participating in trainings for improving the level of professional skills


To join the Association you need to do the following:

  1. Get acquainted with the Association’s Statutes
  2. Get acquainted with the application form, which needs to be filled in to join the Association, and fill it.
  3. To form the full package of documents for joining the Association and to send it for consideration. This could be done in the most convenient for you way:
  • by e-mail Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript (in this case all documents signed and stamped should be scanned);
  • by mail to the address: Moscow, Stromynka street, 13A (with the note: to Marova A.M.)

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