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О фонде    

Миссия Фонда – содействовать сокращению числа детей-сирот и детей, оставшихся без попечения родителей.

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About Foundation

The charitable Foundation of social orphanhood prevention

Our Foundation assists in lowering the rate of the abandonments and neglect of children in Russia. Our mission is to improve the children’s position by working to reform the child welfare system and to develop the effective social services for children and families in crisis.

The priority vector of the Foundation is the developing and implementing the new effective social services for families in crisis and children at risk of being abandoned and abused in Russian regions. Tne main goal is to keep families for children and to improve the children’s position.

The Foundation supports the implementation of the following services:

  • The prevention of the new-borns abandonments in maternity cliniques and women’s health centers
  • The rehabilitation of the families in crisis with toddlers who are at risk of abandonment and neglect
  • The rehabilitation of the families in crisis who have already placed or plan to place their children in official custody
  • The rehabilitation of children who were sexually abused


The Foundation assists the specialists employed by the executive branches, state agencies and NGO's organizations in order to implement the innovative services, such as:

  • Consulting seminars for managers of the executive branches of power, state agencies and NGO to design the models of services, to draft the normative documents, and to stabilize these services in the regions.
  • Practically-oriented training programs, with accompanying training curricula and manuals, for the specialists working with families and children
  • Supervisions for specialists working with the families and children
  • Expert-analyzes of the efficiency of the working welfare system with the accompanying methodological recommendations
  • The development of national protocols and standards of quality for child welfare services
  • The telephone and Internet consultation about family working cases and management of children welfare system questions


Efficiency of this model is confirmed with the practical work in regions such as Novosibirsk region, Republic Buriatia, Tambov region, Republic Tatarstan, Yaroslavl region and etc.

Implementation of the infant abandonments’ prevention service on the territory of Novosibirsk shows the following result: annually the organization prevents from 30 to 40 % of abandonments of infants in maternity cliniques.






Total number of signals about abandonments





The number of prevented abandonments





Keeping 54 children in families during only 2010 allowed to save 2 268 000 rubles (about $77 500)
per month of state budget, which would have been spent on cost of the maintenance of abandon children in institutions for orphan children, which is 27 216 000 rubles (about $930 000) per year!

Principles of the Foundation work

  • We implement the family centered services that are effective as proved by practice work in different regions;
  • We can measure the efficiency of the family centered services that we offer to implement with the concrete results: the number of new-borns abandonments in the regions reduces, the situation of different target groups improves.
  • Our experts and trainers, who train the specialists to offer new family and children centered services, all posses long experience of coaching and working with families and children

We can’t go to every crisis family and help every child to be kept in family by ourselves. But we can assist the specialists working with families and children of the different regions to implement the effective social services and to achieve the goal of keeping children in families!

 Every child needs a family!
Working to keep children in their homes by helping families is what we do!


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