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Миссия Фонда – содействовать сокращению числа детей-сирот и детей, оставшихся без попечения родителей.

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Activities of the Foundation

The core activity of the Foundation is the implementation in regions of Russia socio-psychological and other services in the sphere of social orphanhood prevention. This direction is implemented by means of “Implementation of a model of newborn abandonment prevention and help to women with children of early age in crisis situation in regions of Russia” Program.

The main service, implemented in regions, is newborn abandonment prevention in maternity homes. This service is well-tried in Novosibirsk and in number of other regions. Its effectiveness is 30-40% of prevented abandonments per year.

The service is methodologically described, a pool of experts and couches, teaching how to work with abandonments, is formed. Within the collaboration with regions framework, we suggest to specialists in concrete territories to determine platforms for the implementation of the service, to form a team of specialists-executors of the service, prepare a package of necessary normative legal documents, prepare specialists to work with women, expressing their intention to abandon their children, collaborate in safeguarding the sustainable development of the service.

Another line of activity of the Foundation is implemented through the program “Support to professional communities” and aimed at supporting the Association of organizations working in the sphere of newborn abandonment prevention that was founded in 2011. The goal of the Association is to lower the number of newborn abandonments in Russian Federation by means of promotion, replication and implementation of effective models of newborn abandonment prevention in activities of Russian organizations and institutions, providing services for families and children.

We also give great importance to helping specialists working in sphere of orphanhood prevention by means of developing, publishing and promoting methodological literature on the actual issues of work. Within the network of the program “Methodological explorations” we involve leading Russian and foreign experts on the work with families and children in the development of publications, furthering improvement of activities of specialists in different areas. The main concept of every publication is the possibility to implement in practice what has been stated.


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