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О фонде    

Миссия Фонда – содействовать сокращению числа детей-сирот и детей, оставшихся без попечения родителей.

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History of the Foundation

In 2008 a project on newborns abandonments prevention in maternity homes started in Novosibirsk, initiator of which was the non-profit organization “Sibmama”. The pilot project began in 2008 on the basis of one maternity home. At the first stage the project was not only aimed at preventing abandonments but estimating the efficiency of such activities, describing the work methodologically and forming a technique, which could be further reproduced in other maternity institutions of Novosibirsk, and in other regions. During 2008 a team was formed, support of executive authorities of Novosibirsk acquired; agreements with maternity homes were concluded. By the end of the year 18 out of 42 abandonments had been prevented. The project was officially recognized as effective, expenses on abandonments prevention were built into the budget of target program “Children and the city”, the service was replicated in all maternity institutions of Novosibirsk city.


In the beginning of 2009 Charitable Foundation for Children “Sunny city” joined in on the pilot project on abandonments prevention in Novosibirsk. In the period from 2009 to 2011 109 abandonments of children in maternity hoes had been prevented as a result of the project’s implementation in Novosibirsk. From the beginning of 2009 the program of abandonments prevention has extended its activities: agreements with Children Homes were concluded. On their base the work on family reanimation started: specialists worked with parents who placed their children in Children Homes for sojourning. Specialists managed to return 30 children to their birth families within this working period.


During that time affiliate relationships of NGOO “SibMama” and The National Foundation of the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NFPCC), Moscow, were formed. NFPCC provided the service of newborns abandonments prevention with methodological support. A number of seminars on the work with abandonments were conducted in regions of Russia for different organizations. Also thanks to NFPCC’s funds the first in Russia methodological manual on the realization of the service in the sphere of baby abandonments prevention was published and a project on prevention of abandonments among vulnerable pregnant women was carried out.


During the whole period of approbation and implementation of the project of social orphanhood prevention in Novosibirsk, many non-profit organizations and representatives of executive authorities from regions of Russia turned to the project’s managers and executors with requests to share working experience on abandonments prevention. So in 2011 a decision was made on the development of a program aimed at implementation of a complex of services on social orphanhood prevention in regions of Russia, where such activities are either not carried out or done so in minimum amounts.


The implementation of the complex of services on social orphanhood prevention on the state level required a creation of new organization, which would run a systematic approach in this direction. The decision was made about founding in Moscow the Charitable Foundation of Social Orphanhood Prevention.


This very Foundation deals with bodies of executive authorities and non-profit organizations. It helps them in implementing the service of newborns abandonments prevention.

The director of the Foundation is Marova Alexandra.

Board of Trustees of the Foundation is headed by Aksenova Marina, the director of Charitable Foundation for Children “Sunny city”, Novosibirsk.


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