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Миссия Фонда – содействовать сокращению числа детей-сирот и детей, оставшихся без попечения родителей.

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Life stories
Diana – a struggle for the dearest in her life.

Name: Diana
Age: 32 years old

City: Yekaterinburg
Year: 2012

This is the story of a woman, whom the closest relatives refused to help. It’s unbearable when the members of your family are not your support, but a depressing power, which keeps in fear, forcing you to make awful decisions.

In winter 2012 the service of newborns abandonments prevention received a call from a perinatal centre – it was a signal of possible abandonment of a newborn baby.

The newborn is the third child of Diana, all the children were born from different fathers. This last delivery was very difficult; an operation with the removal of organs had to be done. Diana will never be able to have children again. As Natalia, a psychologist of the service of newborns abandonments prevention, learned Diana’s will to leave the child was connected with a very thorny relationship with her own mother.


Diana’s story.

At the moment Diana lives at her mother’s together with her 20-year-old brother and her two children: a 5-year old boy and a girl that’s 3. The boy suffers from a severe psychic illness and his treatment acquires a lot of attention. Diana’s mother helps her to raise the children, and there was a time when she insisted on Diana’s abandonment of the second child – the girl, who is now 3. The reason for this was that the first child is very ill and acquires specialized treatment. The mother herself is an elementary school teacher. Diana has a good profession as well – she is a highly-qualified cook.

Olga and Denis – a story of one couple’s happiness.

Olga and Denis
20 years old

Today this young family is happy – they are all together: Olga, Denis and their three-year-old daughter. But the path to this present-day happiness was not an easy one. We want people to have more faith in their own strengths, because everything is possible. It is simply necessary to let help from the outside into your life, which can make it possible to see this power in yourself.

In 2009 the service of newborn abandonment prevention received a message about a woman, who had decided to give up her baby and had signed official documents in this regard. Specialists were ready to visit her, but the woman had already left the maternity home. Her address was found through records and a psychologist went to her home.

The place, where Olga,  the mother who had signed the papers, lived, turned to be a student’s hostel. When the psychologist appeared in Olga’s room, the girl was crying with her face turned to the wall. Her girlfriend was sitting next to her trying to calm her somehow.  This girlfriend took the coming of the specialist very aggressively and insisted on leaving Olga alone and leaving the room.


Ekaterina: financial difficulties are no reason to abandon a child.

Name: Ekaterina
Age: 20 years old
City: Novosibirsk

The life of a man can change any second: a heart attack, a car crush, an unfortunate fall… But all these things do not depend on us and are taken as strokes of fate. But if something in this life is in our hands, and if this “something” is for the life of an innocent, newly born baby, then we should find the strength, time and opportunities to create a better life for this young person.

Ekaterina was left by her boyfriend when she was in her 7th month of pregnancy. The young people had been living together for quite a long period of time, but the girl’s pregnancy turned out to be something that the boy didn’t want. He wasn’t ready to take the responsibility for the child’s up-bringing and left Kate.

Katerina didn’t know what to do, whom she could turn to for help, how to live on with a child on her hands without means to survive and support of the person she loved. As for her parents she didn’t dare to load them with the issue of upbringing her child, because the family lived very modestly: her father was seriously ill, continuing to work as much as possible, her mother spending a lot of her energy to support Ekaterina’s father. Moreover, her underage brother had yet to be brought up in the family and put on his feet.

The story of a family in which broken things are mended but not thrown away.

Name: Svetlana
Age: 24 years old

City: Ekaterinburg
Year: 2012

The story of Svetlana and her relatives is like a modern-day parable. An elderly couple, who has been together for 60 years, is asked:
- How have you managed to live together for so long?
- You know, we were born and grew up in those times, when broken things were mended, but not thrown out.

Everybody makes mistakes, but does everyone have enough strength and patience not to give up, but correct a mistake? Svetlana and her family managed to do this.

Doctors of a perinatal center turned to the service of newborn abandonment prevention with a request to do everything that’s possible to make a young woman, who had just born a girl, abandon her child. The argument was that Svetlana (the name of the woman) had recently received a serious head injury, that caused significant complications, and she was no longer able to take care of her newborn girl – her behavior and reactions were invariable.

Natalia, a teacher-psychologist of the service of newborn abandonment prevention, decided to give the situation a thorough analysis: after receiving information from the doctors, she visited the center to talk to the young mother. When Natalia entered Svetlana’s ward she saw in front of her an emaciated fragile girl, curled up as a little young jackdaw on her bed. Natalia made acquaintance and asked to tell her story.



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