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Миссия Фонда – содействовать сокращению числа детей-сирот и детей, оставшихся без попечения родителей.

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The story of a family in which broken things are mended but not thrown away.


Svetlana’s story:

Svetlana was an orphanage graduate. In her youth she met a man, fell in love and married him. Soon two boys were born one after another. Svetlana’s parents had left her a flat, in which the family lived happily, until Svetlana met a man who was not Russian and began a love affair. She left her husband, and soon the new man began to live with her and her two boys. After a while Svetlana became pregnant. After this, their life took a rough turn: the new man didn’t try to get on with the children. In addition, he began to beat Svetlana. In her fifth month of pregnancy he hit her so hard, that she got a serious trauma of her scull’s base and doctors were barely able to save her. While she was in the hospital, guardianship services gained access to the birthfather of the children, told him what had happened, and the man returned to his family, to his children. Upon Svetlana’s application a criminal case was opened against the man who had beaten her, and currently it is under consideration in court.

Svetlana didn’t know what to do. On one hand, her family had been restored, she had returned to her husband. Svetlana had understood that she wanted to be with this man, and not anyone else. On the other hand, she worried that her husband wouldn’t accept a child of another man and would treat the baby badly. What she was supposed to do Svetlana didn’t know and she didn’t want to abandon the baby. She was very nervous, she cried all the time and hardly slept. Natalia, the teacher-psychologist of the service of newborns abandonment prevention observed Svetlana and was not able to find any deviations in her behavior or inadequacy, that the doctors had spoken of. In addition, Svetlana made a careful evaluation of her situation in spite of the nervous disorder. Natalia told the doctors about her conclusions about the woman’s adequacy.

To understand the situation fully Natalia arranged a meeting with Svetlana’s husband. Igor was easy enough to get in touch with and invited the psychologist to their home. It turned out that they have very good living conditions. Through a state program they received a two-room flat in the suburbs of Ekaterinburg. Igor earned enough to meet all the family needs. The only issue was that he used to have problems with alcohol, but he had already solved them. He really worried that he wouldn’t be able to accept the child of the other man. Igor wanted children and was ready that there would be another child in his family, but HIS own child. The two boys turned to be very disposed to communication, got involved in a conversation with Natalia easily - talked to her cheerfully and briskly, which was obvious evidence that children were paid the right amount of attention. The family was waiting for Natalia from the maternity home, but nobody voiced how it should happen – with the baby or without her.


The situation resolved:

A few days after Natalia’s visit, Svetlana was discharged from the maternity home, but the child remained at the hospital,This was due to minor complications with the child’s health. The girl was to stay at the perinatal center10 more days. So Svetlana had to decide during those ten days, what she should do. Everything was resolved very fast. The day after Svetlana left the hospital she called the service of newborns abandonment prevention and said crying: “I can’t go on like this… I feel bad without her, I worry very much”. Sveta took the girl home.

The newborn girl stayed with her birthmother. In three months after the birth of the girl Svetlana’s husband, while playing with the child, said: “My girl, I won’t give her to anyone”… The girl recognizes Svetlana’s husband, takes him as a relative, and Igor spends time with her willingly.

Surely not everything runs smoothly: there are still unsolved problems in the family – problems of trust and mutual understanding. And Igor’s pain after how Svetlana had offended him has not gone away so easily. Sveta regularly meets with psychologist Natalia for consultations. As for the husband, he is ready to dialog with the psychologist too and they arranged a meeting the other day.

At the present time, May 2012, the family is under support of the service of newborns abandonment prevention of Sverdlovsk Regional Non-profit “Aistenok” (“Baby stork”). Apart from support and psychological help, at the first stage the family was assisted in providing a comfortable life to the baby: a crib, a baby carriage, baby cloth – the family got everything they needed. So the appearing of the baby didn’t cause extra difficulties.

As told by Natalia Hakimova, teacher-psychologist of the service of newborns abandonment prevention of Sverdlovsk Regional Non-profit “Aistenok” (“Baby stork”)


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