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Миссия Фонда – содействовать сокращению числа детей-сирот и детей, оставшихся без попечения родителей.

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Ekaterina: financial difficulties are no reason to abandon a child.

After the young man left Kate, she harbored a thought that she would abandon the child, but deep inside she resisted the decision. At the maternity home her decision matured and Katerina immediately informed that she would abandon her child. The girl hid the real reason of the abandonment, avoided talks with specialists, who tried to talk to her. As a result, necessary papers had been signed, with the girl remaining at the maternity home for the moment being.

But for the decision to be reinforced, Ekaterina’s parents had to sing the same papers, as Katerina was registered in her parent’s home (this is connected with the procedure of the following adoption of a child). A specialist of the service of newborns’ abandonment prevention, Nadezhda, went to Kate’s parents: to communicate, to learn how they saw the situation, to find out whether they saw any opportunity to leave the child with the family. And in the case of categorical position – to sign the abandonment documentation.

Nadezhda from the very first words understood that the family – father and mother the same – worried greatly about their daughter’s decision to abandon her child, but their economic conditions wouldn’t allow them to take care of the newborn. Besides, the father was seriously ill and it was unclear how his clinical course would go on, and he was the main financial supporter of  the family at that moment.

Understanding their confusion, Nadezhda decided to offer Kate’s parents an opportunity to take a well-thought decision on their grandson’s abandonment by themselves. Nadezhda left the application form, saying that she would call them in a few days, and if they decided to give up the child, she would come to take the form. It was done by Nadezhda intentionally – in that application form there is a graph to fill in - “reason of abandonment”, where people often write “difficult economic conditions” or something like that, but, having more time and opportunity to think it over alone, a person often goes deep in thoughts if he or she really is in such a difficult economic state, and if the reason is strong enough to abandon a son or a grandson and to leave this moment in his or her memory FOREVER…

For the newborn baby these few days had become crucial in his life – in a day Ekaterina’s mother called and informed, that they weren’t able to sign the papers and give up their grandson: when Kate’s father started to explain the reason, he decided for himself, that, yes, of course, he was seriously ill and they lived modestly, but their economic conditions weren’t bad enough to leave their grandson without their support. This way Ekaterina’s parents took full support of their daughter and her child, and Katerina, upon leaving the maternity home, returned to her parents with the newborn.

This story took place in 2009, in 2012 Ekaterina’s father had to undergo 2 serious surgeries, he can’t work now and Katerina, who has been a home-stay mother for her child till now, faces a new challenge of looking for a job – she has to do something to earn a living for her family, and there are more issues to take care of now. It means that the situation isn’t easy, but how many people can say that they have ideal conditions for living, bearing and up-bringing a child? Today Katerina’s son is already 3 years old and he grows in his own loving family, but three years ago an irretrievable mistake could have taken place.

As for the help of the service of newborn abandonment prevention: of course, at the first stage Katerina was supplied with necessary things for the newborn, because the family had nothing for that. Ekaterina is always in touch with specialists, today they are helping in giving the boy an opportunity to attend kindergarten. Ekaterina can’t work until this problem is resolved. Specialists of the service of newborn abandonment prevention managed to secure a place for the child in kindergarten.

This story is another good evidence that many problems in life can be solved and overcome. The main thing is not to give up and not to refuse help from those who are in power to provide it.

As told by Nadezhda Pozolotina, specialist of the service of newborn abandonment prevention, deputy director of “Non-governmental centre of support of families and children” (Novosibirsk).


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