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Миссия Фонда – содействовать сокращению числа детей-сирот и детей, оставшихся без попечения родителей.

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Olga and Denis – a story of one couple’s happiness.


Olga refrained from contacts – she didn’t utter a word.

After a while, a young man named Denis entered the room, who turned to be Olga’s official husband. After his arrival, the psychologist managed to start a conversation with the couple on what made them decide to take such a step as giving up their child.

The story of Olga and Denis.

After falling in love with each other Olga and Denis, two students of the institute of Novosibirsk, decided to formalize their relationship at a registry office. The young people are from the Far East. They were full-time students, with only education in their plans and they hadn’t considered having a child. And what is more, their parents had made it explicitly clear that they could get married if they want to, but there should be no thoughts about children until their education was complete. Parents supported the couple financially as much as they could.

When Denis and Olga found out that they were going to have a baby, the young people were frightened very much – they lacked money, had debts for studying and for the hostel; there were times when they had no possibility to buy food. Taking full responsibility for the situation the two were in, Denis decided to transfer to the evening department of the institute and got a job connected with building houses, trying that way to earn extra money. The couple didn’t inform their parents about the pregnancy – the young people were afraid of their anger.

Denis had been working at the construction site for 4 months, but did not get paid in the end, as his working period coincided with the financial crisis. As a result, the young people appeared to be in a difficult situation – no extra money, hardly able to feed themselves , debts grew even more, and Olga was just about to give birth. There were no financial resources to even buy the minimum of necessary things, and they were afraid to tell their parents about the situation. The young people simply gave up, understanding that there was no support to receive and made the hardest decision of their lives  – to give up their child.

Help of the service of newborns abandonment prevention.

After the psychologist managed to establish a connection with Olga and Denis, it was clarified that the abandonment of the child was connected only with the poor economic condition of the couple. Denis and Olga suffered very much because of their decision, they wanted to bring up their child by themselves, but believed that they had no chances to raise her.

The service of newborns abandonment prevention managed to intercede with the administration of the district and the problem with the young family living in the hostel was solved, debts were written off, and they were able to stay there. Food and goods for the child were not an issue, as the service of newborns’ abandonment prevention gave all necessary things, including a baby’s bath and a pram.

The most difficult thing was to solve the problem of passing exams Olga and Denis had missed at the institute  – it was necessary not to let the young people to be expelled because of enforced truancies. But even this was resolved. After that, a job for Denis was found – whilst studying at the evening Department, he worked during the day and with the money he earned for the job, he was able to provide a living  for his family.

The process of returning the child to the family took about two weeks. Olga had managed to sign official  abandonment papers while in the maternity home. All the documents required for bodies of custody were collected very promptly, and the child was returned to the family. All that time the newborn girl was in the hospital.

When Olga and Denis learned that there was the support and a real chance to leave the child with them, they informed their parents about the birth of the girl. As the young people supposed, the parents’ first reaction was not a happy one. A serious conversation took place, but… parents are parents: everything was perceived by them with joy very soon. Parents supported Olga and Denis by sending them money.

The girl was born in winter and by summer, for vacation, the young family visited their parents in the Far East.


Olga and Denis continue to study in Novosibirsk’s institute. Denis is still attending evening classes and working daytime. Olga took a short sabbatical, but soon returned to her studies. The young family lives in the hostel; a year is left until they graduate. The girl is three years old and she lives with her parents. Every summer the family visits their parents in the Far East.

The young people communicate with specialists from the service of newborn abandonment prevention, share their small victories and joys. It’s a pleasure to see their joyous and sincere smiles and realize that this family is happy.


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