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Миссия Фонда – содействовать сокращению числа детей-сирот и детей, оставшихся без попечения родителей.

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Diana – a struggle for the dearest in her life.

Although Diana is a self-reliant person, she very strongly depends on her mother’s opinion and is afraid of her very much. Diana was especially afraid of her mother learning that she is pregnant for the third time, that’s why she concealed her pregnancy in some sophisticated ways. Diana is a little plump. Maybe that’s exactly what helped to mislead her mother. But all the same Diana’s mother not once suggested that she take a pregnancy test, maybe clearly understanding that Diana was pregnant or suspecting it. Taking into account the difficult relationship of the two, it was hard to predict the reaction of Diana’s mother. When it was time to give birth, Diana told her mother, that she went to visit a friend, taking with her the three-year-old daughter. She left her daughter with the friend, and went to the maternity home by ambulance.

Natalia, the psychologist, found Diana in a difficult physical and moral condition. She was still weak after surgery , having undergone the removal of organs. The child was taken away from her after the delivery and placed in a hospital. During the talk with the psychologist Diana said she was ready to leave the child with her, but she wouldn’t be able to go home – she was afraid of her mother. She was immediately suggested an alternative variant – to stay for a while at a crisis centre with two children, and to leave the elder one with the grandmother, as he attended a specialized institution.


The situation resolved.

Nevertheless, fearing her mother, Diana acted differently. As soon as she felt better she returned home without mentioning the delivery and operation. Diana’s weakness and failure to do regular housework made her mother suspicious, but this only grew into conflict situations – Diana didn’t want to explain anything. At the same time Diana made all documents for the newborn baby and a birth certificate, she visited the hospital regularly to bring diapers and necessary things, but she wasn’t let in to see the baby. She carried on like this for about three weeks until she made up her mind to tell her mother about her third child. After that Natalia worked with the whole family: with Diana, her mother and brother, balancing the conflict situation.

After two months Diana succeeded in taking the child from the hospital. Diana lived with her children in the crisis centre until July. During that time Diana and her mother had many serious conversations, but the relationship gradually improved, and more constructive dialogs were formed. Diana little by little began to diminish the influence of her mother, clearly began to understand that she is a mother herself, the mother of three children, and the decision should be made by her. When talking with her mother Diana clearly demonstrates her personal position, doesn’t let her mother push her or manipulate, battles for her personal interests.

As for living space, Diana took a definite decision to separate from her mother and to live her own life. She considers the possibility of buying a house in the suburbs. Though this is delaying for some time because of financial difficulties. In its turn the service of newborns abandonment prevention is actively helping her in this issue. Temporarily Diana is moving from the crisis center to her mother’s home.

Diana has clearly decided to do everything to provide her children worthy lives, and one more proof of this is the situation with the father of the newborn. He is a quite well-to-do man, but he doesn’t want to recognize the child as his own. Diana intends to take a DNA test to make his fatherhood officially acknowledged and thus oblige him to pay aliments for the child.

As told by Natalia Hakimova, teacher-psychologist of the service of newborns abandonments prevention of Sverdlovsk Regional Non-profit “Aistenok” (“Baby stork”)


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